At Prospect Dental Care, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!


What Our Patients Say About Us

    Dr. Keyhan,

    I think you are very skillful and very knowledgeable.  I feel fortunate to have you take care of my dental needs.

    Mr. I. Y.

    Thank you so much for giving me a last minute appointment for my teeth on Christmas Day! I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope you have a merry Christmas/Happy Holiday. I really appreciate you doing this.

    Mrs. C. D.

    My life has been much richer because of Dr. Keyhan and his Staff care and encouragement.

    Mrs. C. H.

    Dear Dr. Keyhan,

    Thank you and all of the staff for welcoming me into your office as a new patient and especially for the care and professionalism that made my visits pleasant and relaxing.  I love my new bling! I am looking forward to the next step toward restoring and/or maintaining the other 27! Thanks again for the care.

    Mr. M. R.

    I found Prospect Dental Care on Yelp and came in to compare the cost of invisalign. The office is brand new and quite nice inside. While I was waiting I saw them interact with other customers and saw they were very considerate which is what sold me. The quote I received was a bit cheaper so I signed up that day. The other day, Dr. Sharifi came in on a weekend to help me with an issue I had with my attachments and trays-- a lifesaver! I'm still on tray 1 and I'll be sure to update this post over the course of treatment!

    Mr. S. M.

    I just went here for the first time this morning, and they were fantastic. I called yesterday hoping to get an appointment sometime in the next two weeks, and they had an opening for the following morning!

    The reception was friendly and helpful. Miriam, the dental hygienist/assistant (?) was so sweet and kind to me. Every time she took the X-ray contraption out of my mouth, she asked, "Are you okay?" By the end she'd probably asked me that about a hundred times, but the dentist is nerve-racking and I appreciated her kindness.

    I had chosen Prospect as my primary dental care providers based on the other Yelp reviews of Dr. Keyhan, but I didn't specify when I made the appointment and I was treated by his partner, Dr. Sharifi. I was definitely not disappointed, though- Dr. Sharifi gave me the best dental experience of my life! She was incredibly warm and friendly though still professional, always keeping me up to speed about what she was doing as she did it and explaining the reasons for each part of the exam. During the exam and cleaning, whenever I flinched she would apologize and try to make it more comfortable for me (and there was a fun movie, not infomercials or soap operas, playing the whole time to distract me from any discomfort). I never felt judged; actually, Dr. Sharifi was encouraging and praised my teeth, though she still gently recommended that I floss more (oops).

    All this and I walked away WITHOUT getting the usual dentist-hassle about teeth whitening, invisalign, or being told that I needed a bunch of expensive dental work. She told me I didn't have any cavities (actually, to my surprise) and that was that-- out the door I went.

    Great, great experience! I'm so happy I found a great dentist in the area. I live in Santa Cruz, so it's a hike for me but it was well worth it.

    Mrs. R. M.

    I have been avoiding seeing a dentist for a few years because of my previous painful experience. However, after looking at yelp reviews, I finally found Dr. Keyhan and made an appointment. Dr. Keyhan is a perfectionist. He does not just want to get the work done; he actually spends time to do a good job and he makes sure that you are happy with the procedure. I know it sounds strange, but you can somehow relax and fall asleep while he is working on your teeth. This is definitely my first painless dentist experience and I would gladly go back to his office and get more work done. I highly recommend Dr. Keyhan!

    Mrs. R. D.

    I also went to this dentist because the office accepted my insurance. I was delighted at how good the treatment was! I also ended up needing to see a specialist for root canal work. Prospect set up an immediate appointment with a very good provider nearby. Both my spouse and I now use Prospect services regularly, and I feel we are in excellent hands.

    Mrs. H. K.

    Dr. Keyhan has been our family dentist for the past couple of years.  We are very happy with Dr. Keyhan as our dentist.  I find him an intelligent, capable, dedicated, hardworking, delightful and gifted individual who shows much interest and care in all of his patients.  He seems to always be quickly on making the right decision and he is a highly dedicated professional who knows how to treat his patients in the best way possible.   In closing, it is with sincere conviction that I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Koushyar Keyhan.

    Mrs. O. P.

    I would prefer never having to go to the dentist but when I have to I insist on seeing Dr. Keyhan and his helpful staff!  Dr. Keyhan is very detailed in his work and takes the time to explain the procedures and options carefully.  You will immediately benefit from his passion for dentistry and years of experience.  This type of genuine patient care is definitely becoming increasingly rare these days!

    Mr. N. A.

    I believe it is my duty to let others know about the excellent dental care provided by Dr. Keyhan.  High quality medical care is dependent upon specialized knowledge and experience coupled with personalized and tailored care.  But rarely do both exist in one professional care giver.  Dr. Keyhan is one of those rare cases, using his expertise together with caring and understanding of each patient’s needs and sensitivities.  As a patient, not only do you benefit from his expertise, but you are dealing with a real professional in a friendly and relaxing environment, knowing you are getting the best and most appropriate treatment for you.

    All members of our family have so much confidence in Dr. Keyhan that even after moving to another state; we do fly to San Jose to still see Dr. Keyhan for all our dental work.  In essence, having known him for many years and having him as our dentist is one of the best things that has happened for our dental needs.

    Dr. M. L.

    Dr. Keyhan is a very knowledgeable and pleasant.  In every visit you feel confident that you are in great hands, that he is in complete control of the work and is making the right recommendations to you.  As an engineer I pay attention to details and admire those who do so as well.  Dr. Keyhan’s attention to details in his work is very commendable.  I would recommend Dr. Keyhan to anyone looking for a great dentist and would be more than happy to discuss it in more details. 

    Mr. M. B.

    I’ve personally known Dr. Keyhan for several decades and he has been my dentist for the past 10 years.  I am always impressed by the amount of attention and time he devotes to each individual patient.  His knowledge, expertise and experience are highly admirable and shine when he explains treatment thoroughly and professionally.  I am confident that Dr. Keyhan’s passion for density is one of the key elements of his success.

    Dr. D. A.

    I feel asleep while he was working on my teeth....

    And he is not about getting the most $$ out of you. I went to him because a previous dentist had told me I needed some 25 feelings and 3 root canals, and 7 crowns. Well, turns out i needed 9 feelings, with no root canals, and no crowns.

    Definitely recommend this guy.

    C. J.

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